Nether Plus Add-on ¡UPDATE 1.18! [V1.0.0] – Mcaddon

  • March 30, 2022


An incredible plugin that adds new entities to the underworld that brings you many more dangers and increases the difficulty for a unique experience in the underworld 

Welcome to Nether Plus


  • Crimson Pig
  • Twisted Pig
  • Basalt pig
  • Soul Sand Pig
  • Soul Sand Blaze
  • Crimson Blaze
  • Twisted Blaze
  • Basalt Blaze
  • Blue Demon Ghast
  • Blood Demon Ghast
  • Crimson Pet Mushroom
  • Twisted Pet Mushroom
  • Twisted Black Mushroom
  • Crimson Black Mushroom
  • Crimson Golem
  • Twisted Golem
  • Semi-Twisted Golem Beta
  • Semi-Crimson Golem Beta
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Crimson Patitas Pet
  • Twisted Patitas Pet
  • BlackStone Patitas Pet
  • Bloody Meat
  • Infernal Golem
  • Crimson Creeper
  • Twisted Creeper
  • Glowmushroom Block
  • Creeper Pet
  • Creepy Creeper
  • Pillar Volcano

Consumable items:

-Crimson Wand (Effect)
-Basalt wand (effect)
-Twisted wand (effect)
-Mold sand wand (effect)

New Mobs and Blocks:



Remember to activate your experimental mode to be able to see the blocks and some new features 
in order to see the blocks you have to install the compatible geometry file due to a mojang bug

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