Nameless Explosion Card | Unnamed Explosion for Minecraft

Map entitled Unnamed Explosion is a fun mini-game for several users in very original arenas. The main task in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is not just to beat another character, but to beautifully push him into the abyss. Like this.

In total, Unnamed Explosion offers three arenas in Minecraft PE.

Golden Arena |  Nameless Explosion Map

The first one looks very cool – gold blocks and blackstone.

Underworld Arena |  Nameless Explosion Map

In the case of the second arena, the author did not invent a bicycle in Minecraft BE Is a spherical Lower World in a vacuum.

Glass floor |  Nameless Explosion Map

Well, and the third arena is a glass floor somewhere in the void.

On map there is a huge number of all kinds of chips, including movable platforms, various items that can destroy blocks in MKPE, or have a knockback effect. In addition, in the archive with the map you will find skins, which was developed by the author with a specialist for this card. Have a good game!

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