Musk Rose Shaders

The Musk Rose Shader is a brand-new shader pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that provides a slew of new features to your game, including lighting with realistic directional sun/moon/skylight, torchlight, realistic ocean waves, and more! I hope you had a good time

Cre: YamaRin Skylec (Youtube, Twitter)

Musk Rose Shaders Feature

Some screeenshots for this shade from

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  • Beautiful sky with atmosphere scattering
  • Vanilla-style nata de coco-like clouds
  • Normal mapping for water waves and blocks
  • Reflections on water and metallic blocks
  • Skylight and torchlight
  • Directional sun/moonlight
  • Water waves and caustics
  • Wet effect for rainy weather

Supported Platforms

  • Windows10/11 (without RenderDragon only)
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal



  • Configuration items of the intensity of the lights, the ambient occlusion, and reflectance of blocks, and also wet effect for rainy weather


  • Reflections on obsidian blocks
  • Some useless files


  • Some grasses could be detected as water


  • Download Resources .McPack
  • Start Minecraft
  • Settings > Global Resources > Apply the shaders pack
Musk Rose Shader

Download Musk Rose Shaders (Support Creator)

Download Musk Rose Shaders (Drive)