Mountain Island Map | Mountain Island for Minecraft


Mountain island (MountainIsland) is a custom terrain for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. So if you wanted to have an entire island at your disposal the mapthen you are at the right place.

What is on the Mountain Island map

Rare forest |  Mountain Island Map

Custom landscape |  Mountain Island Map

Ocean on the map |  Mountain Island Map

All map Mountain Island is an inhospitable user-defined area in Minecraft Pocket Edition… The map consists of rare snow-capped peaks and a not particularly dense forest in Minecraft… The author took care of the presence of caves in his world, but there are no other structures here. So you can run it even in creative mode and build everything in MCBE on one’s own. The size of the map is 1500×1500 blocks – enough for any “need”. Have a good game!

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