MotoCraft mod for Minecraft on Android

How to get a?
If you are playing in creative mode and want to get these motorcycles, then open the game inventory and enter the following words in the search:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Motocross Bike
  • Scooter

If you are playing in survival mode, then you have to craft your motorcycle by hand and assemble it from several parts. All parts except the frame are the same for all motorcycles, changing the dye from red to yellow or blue in the crafting recipe, you can get different frames, and therefore different motorcycles.

To get various motorcycles, you will need to slightly change the crafting recipe, to get a motorcycle, change the dyes:

  • Red Dye – Harley-Davidson
  • Dye Yellow – Cross Bike
  • Blue Dye – Moped

After the motorcycle is completely assembled, just tap it on the ground, after it appears, you can just sit on it and go on a journey.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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