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We came back with a pretty big update as a lot of things got changed and tool and armor codes were written from scratch. In this update there are many improvements and new features, so stay until the end. “More Ores Tools” is an addon which adds more than +240 tools and more than +12 armors with different designs which are made of new minerals that this same addon adds, these new minerals are: Tin ,Bronze, Jade, Ruby, Cobalt, Migtinio, Paladium, Platinum, Onyx, Tourmaline and Enderite.

Magma Zombie(NEW)

It is stronger and more resistant than a normal zombie, it lives in the depths of the caves and sometimes you can see it on the surfaces. Remember that you are afraid of water!

Ores Trader(NEW)

It is very useful if you want to get emeralds and you have a couple of minerals to spare in your chests!


A new mineral, its characteristics are similar to those of Paladium.

New Tools


New Sweep in the “Greats Swords”(NEW)

Hitting a mob or monster with any “Great Sword” will perform a sweep that will damage nearby entities, exampleNews:

  • Now the HAMMERS work again when chopping ANY block :D.
  • Fixed a bug that made you have infinite ores and also dropped you by 2.
  • Renamed “Trunk Stick” to “Hammer Stick”.
  • Changed the name of “Strong Stick” to “Handle”.
  • Added a durability balance for ALL tools.
  • Changed the texture of ALL tools for each ore.
  • Functions were added to obtain a KIT in CREATIVE MODE (Special for Reviews), just by writing “/function <mineral>_set”.
  • Fixed ore generation bugs.
  • Changed the design of ALL armor, now the chestplate is also 3d.
  • The functionality of each hammer has been improved.

Hammers 3×3 (New operation)?

To begin with, the addon adds a new crafting table with which we will make the hammers that the addon adds.

What is achieved like this:

Inside this you will find the crafting of all the things added by the addon except some things that I will show later

Hammers 3×3 (New operation)?

Hammers function as combat weapons and mining tools

To use the hammers is very easy you just have to chop a block and the hammer will chop it in 3×3 and if you mine downwards it will give you the feather drop effect for 1 seconds. Each one has a different durability.


11 new apples have been added to the game, each with different effects.

2 of them have special abilities:


By crouching down and eating the apple, you will blast lightning at 5 mobs near you within a 20 block radius.


By crouching down and eating the apple, raise 1 mobs near you in a 22 block radius.


Generation ?

Armor now doesn’t look purple when enchanted

Remastering of the ores:


Don’t be afraid if you get this warning:

If you want to have the custom interface for the Hammers table, you will have to activate the “Ui Custom [Plus]” extension.

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