More Biomes Addon / Mod for Minecraft PE

More Biomes Addon PE

More Biomes Mod adds more biomes into your game world. You silence 10 new and unique biomes. You can explore them and get a lot of adventures. These terrains will naturally be generated by themselves in the Minecart game world.

More Biomes Addon PE

List and description of all new biomes:
Orchids – Forest with common trees
Shield – Spruce forest with a lot of stone on the surface
Shrubs – Many small shrubs
Tropical Beach Tree Biome
Cherry Forest – Rosewood Biome
Flower Forest – Large Flower Biome
Wasteland – Dead trees and dirty biome
Glacier – Ice and Snow Biome
Swamp – swamp biome with flooded trees
Mushroom Forest – A forest full of mushrooms

Video review of fashion:

– Required Minecraft
– Enable Experimental Gameplay for Beta;
– Download the archive and unpack it.
– Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it;
– Select new textures in the settings;
– It’s done.

More Biomes Addon PE

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