More Biomes Addon / Mod for Minecraft PE

More Biomes Mod adds more biomes into your game world. You silence 10 new and unique biomes. You can explore them and get a lot of adventures. These terrains will naturally be generated by themselves in the Minecart game world.

More Biomes Addon PE

List and description of all new biomes:
Orchids – Forest with common trees
Shield – Spruce forest with a lot of stone on the surface
Shrubs – Many small shrubs
Tropical Beach Tree Biome
Cherry Forest – Rosewood Biome
Flower Forest – Large Flower Biome
Wasteland – Dead trees and dirty biome
Glacier – Ice and Snow Biome
Swamp – swamp biome with flooded trees
Mushroom Forest – A forest full of mushrooms

Video review of fashion:

– Required Minecraft
– Enable Experimental Gameplay for Beta;
– Download the archive and unpack it.
– Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it;
– Select new textures in the settings;
– It’s done.

More Biomes Addon PE

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