More Biomes 2 mod for Minecraft

Builds with biomes are in high demand, so we suggest you try mod More Biomes 2, which will increase the number of locations in Minecraft Bedrock… You have to visit 10 new biomes in a blocky world… None of these replace existing locations. Biomes range from tropical beaches to harsh cold weather.

List of innovations

  • Cherry forest – biome with pink trees
  • Flower forest – biome with flowers
  • Glacier – biome with snow and ice
  • Swamp – biome with swamps and flooded trees
  • Mushroom forest – biome in the form of a forest with mushrooms
  • Orchid forest – biome with custom trees
  • Rock forest – biome with trees and a lot of stones on the surface
  • Shrubs – biome with many small shrubs
  • Tropical – biome to the beach
  • Desolation – dirty biome with dead trees

Beautiful desert biome

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

Supported versions

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