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If you want to practice in Minecraft Bedrock jump, then map entitled Rainbow Tower will become a real simulator. Can you master one giant and difficult level?

Features of the Rainbow Tower map

Lava floor |  Rainbow Tower Map

Actually on map Rainbow Tower There is nothing rainbow about Minecraft… This turret looks rather gloomy. In addition, the passage of the map is quite dangerous – one wrong step and you have to start over. It begins to be felt especially well in Minecraft Pocket Edition closer to the middle of the map.

Orange Blocks |  Rainbow Tower Map

There is already a decent height, so the hero lands in Minecraft Bedrock Edition fatal. Unless, of course, you take matters into your own hands and switch the game mode to creative. Also, the author has foreseen “surprises” on some blocks. About them in MKPE we will not tell you anything, so as not to spoil the impression of the passage.

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