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Improving the gameplay is an integral and very important part of the team’s work. Minecraft… But there is one detail that is put above all others – safety. Studio Mojang is extremely serious about creating a safe playground, so it starts constant moderation of the game.

The implementation of moderation has been going on for a long time, and recently it was finally implemented in the basic version. Minecraft… With its help, all users will be able to feel safe even in the virtual world. Moderation will appear on XboxOne, PS4, NintendoSwitch, Windows10, iOS and Android.

Game moderators will be able to ban players who do not follow the community recommendations when sending messages using the services Realms and on popular servers. Messages transmitted through books and tablets will also be moderated. Of course, the new rules will not apply to single-player worlds.

Currently, moderators can give permanent bans in all versions except Dungeons… This is designed to prevent violations that harm other players. Also, work will be introduced to create temporary bans, which will be given for less serious violations.

If a user has been banned, he will receive a message indicating the reason, as well as information on how he can cancel his subscription Realms… We recommend to study a number of reasonsfor which players can be banned.

Introducing new tools, the team Minecraft strives to ensure that community principles are respected, which in turn will help create a positive atmosphere throughout the gaming universe. And that is not all. The studio is constantly working to create a safer platform, and as the results are achieved, it will share them with the gaming community. Please be kind to each other!

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