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A massive add-on for your Minecraft world – modification Zafiro! Get new biomes, decorative blocks, tools and tons of new items!

What the Zafiro mod implements

Blue Desert. This biome is not easy to find. The blue blocks that make up it have a pleasant fabric-like texture that attracts attention from the very first seconds.

Blue biome. It has cold, dark texture, and, unlike the previous one, causes rather gloomy feelings.

The blue biome seems to be the result of a crack between the Earth and another world. Despite the blue textures associated with cold, the blue biome is very hot. Fires often break out on it, as a result of which new ores appear: sapphire, pink and simple quartz.

Sapphire ore has diamond textures Minecraft… But despite this, their characteristics are excellent. The number of items crafted from sapphire ore is small.

Sword: 12 attack damage.

Battle Ax: 15 Attack Damage.

Helmet: Gives the effect of night vision.

Golden Apples: Has the same effect as Plain Golden Apples.

Carrots: Suitable for both humans and animals.

Write a Zafiro function to get one of each item. Or craft them yourself using crafting recipes.

Update 10.0

A lot of time has passed since the creation of the mod by Zafiro. Now modification received a large number of new items, biomes, as well as items, mobs and recipes. Here is the most interesting in Minecraft for Android.

Underworld Rift.

Underworld Rift |  Mod Zafiro

Rift at night |  Mod Zafiro

Poisonous Valley.

Poisonous Valley |  Mod Zafiro

Valley spider |  Mod Zafiro

Burned biome.

Burned Trees of the Nether |  Mod Zafiro

In addition, the author has improved the generation of custom structures in biomes.

Improved Blue Desert Generation |  Mod Zafiro

Reworked Nether Gem generation.

Improved Ore Generation |  Mod Zafiro

And here are the updated recipes.

Sapphire items.

Sapphire Crafts |  Maud Zafiro

The use of pink sapphire.

Pink Sapphire Crafts |  Mod Zafiro

Pink Sapphire Crafts 2 |  Mod Zafiro

Ruby items.

Ruby Crafts |  Mod Zafiro

Emerald items.

Emerald |  Mod Zafiro

A rare purple ruby ​​outfit.

Purple Ruby - Crafts |  Mod Zafiro

Update 11.0

Safety factor for items |  Mod Zafiro

With the update to the Zafiro mod, each piece has finally received balanced durability. As with any item in the game, it will be consumed when using an item or breaking blocks.

Mechanics of invisibility  Maud Zafiro

The authors also improved the mechanism for using the invisibility effect. Now it is activated in Mine only if you start sneaking.

Update 12.0

  • Implemented new items and one plant
  • Structure generation got changed
  • Fixed several bugs and bugs.

Update 12.1

  • Fixed issues with drawing creatures
  • Changes have been made to some items
  • Fixed throwing of some items
  • Fixed minor bugs

Update 12.5

The author has improved fishing. Now you can outlive fish using traps (created at the workbench). The fish will be cut out in a relatively small radius – six blocks, after which it can be collected by the player, or by a special collection mechanism. The collection, by the way, will work up to ten blocks away.

Be sure to enable experimental gameplay features for the game!

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