Mod Wooden Furniture | Wooden Furniture for Minecraft

Author modifications Wooden Furniture I am sure that the canon furniture in Minecraft Bedrock Edition should be just wood. No modern plastic or all kinds of artificial crafts!

Functions of the Wooden Furniture mod

In total, after installing the Wooden Furniture mod, you will be waiting for Minecraft more than three dozen different interior items. By textures the furniture completely matches the blocks in Minecraft, so that you will not puzzle over what to craft and where to put.

Chests of drawers |  Mod Wooden furniture

Crafting dressers |  Mod Wooden furniture

Bedside Tables |  Mod Wooden furniture

Small table |  Mod Wooden furniture

Crafting tables |  Mod Wooden furniture

Chairs |  Mod Wooden furniture

Crafting chairs |  Mod Wooden furniture

Banquet chairs |  Mod Wooden furniture

Banquet Chairs Craft |  Mod Wooden furniture

At your disposal:

  • banquet chairs;
  • ordinary chairs;
  • tables;
  • dressers;
  • bedside tables.

Workbench |  Mod Wooden furniture

Crafting workbench |  Mod Wooden furniture

Before you start crafting this good, first create a special workbench on which recipes will be available fashion… At the moment in Minecraft BE 6 wood options are available for crafting items. It is possible that more variations will appear soon. Have a good game!

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