Mod White Pumpkins | White Pumpkin for Minecraft

Author fashion White pumpkins (WhitePumpkin) believes that in Minecraft on Android, pumpkins should have looked like this. Who are we to argue with this? In a cubic world, absolutely everything is possible.

Essentially, with the White Pumpkin mod in Minecraft Bedrock nothing catastrophic will happen. Modification does not change textures regular pumpkins, but simply adds another variation to the game. IN Minecraft both options can now be used. Here are the recipes.

Pumpkin Crafts |  Mod White Pumpkins

As, practically, with the usual pumpkin in MCPE, you can make it glow. Just use a torch.

Pumpkins with torches |  Mod White Pumpkins

And if you want to make the hero look more creepy, put this pumpkin on him.

Pumpkin instead of a helmet |  Mod White Pumpkins

Be sure to enable experimental settings for the mod.

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