Mod Weapons from Minecraft Dungeons for Minecraft on Android

This mod will give you the opportunity to use three unique melee weapons, namely an ax, a spear and a sword. Each weapon has a unique effect, for example, an ax can cause a deadly whirlwind that will deal damage in an area.

Spear of Fortune

This melee weapon is endowed with a unique property and will allow its owner to have a short-term acceleration when attacking, and also summons a blow that deals critical damage with particles.

Whirlwind Ax

This powerful weapon can summon a powerful whirlwind that will knock back all enemies and also protect you from falling damage.


This is a powerful sword that will impose a force effect on you after you hit the enemy several times in a row and inflict damage on him.

Unpack the archive according to the instructions here and install the mod with textures

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