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Teleport around the world Minecraftwithout using long complex commands, with fashion «WayBelt v1.2 (Way belt)»!


Travel belt. It will teleport you to the nearest waystone that is within 255 blocks of you. You place the travel stones in Minecraft independently, so to quickly move around the world you need to place stones in the right places. The teleportation cooldown is 10 seconds, so you won’t be able to instantly move around the world.

Travel stone. This is the object you will teleport to when using the travel belt. When traveling long distances, remember to place these stones regularly so that you can teleport back. An ordinary pickaxe is suitable for destruction.

Crafting recipes

Installing WayBelt v1.2 (.mcpack)

  • Download mod with notice – “.mcpack“Below.
  • Run the downloaded file, thereby you import the addon / texture into Minecraft.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to world settings.
  • Set for the world imported:
    Resource kits.
    Add-on kits.
  • Select the imported resource packs / addon in each section.
  • We recommend restarting the game client after that. MinecraftON.
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition, go to the previously configured world Minecraft and enjoy the addon!

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