Mod Water Man | WATER MAN for Minecraft

The main character in Minecraft, apparently, went along a different branch of development. But he learned to breathe underwater. Naturally, thanks to the author, and his fashion Water Man (WATER MAN)… Now it will be much more difficult to be on land.

Features of the mod WATER MAN

Character underwater |  Mod Water Man

Full strip of air |  Mod Water Man

Survival in the depths of the sea Minecraft Bedrock Edition will be given to you without any problems. But a mod called WATER MAN imposes a limit on the hero’s time on land. You will have only a quarter of a minute before HP in Minecraft BE the hero will gradually decrease.

Air recovery |  Mod Water Man

Character on the surface |  Mod Water Man

Distinctive feature fashion is even that it can be applied in multiplayer Minecraft Pocket Edition… Perhaps in a future update, the author will provide an item or potion, thanks to which, on land, it will be possible to stay longer. Or maybe not. Have a good game!

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