Mod War | Morningstar War for Minecraft

To full Fashion War (Morningstar War) so far in Minecraft PE it does not hold out – it is too large a scale, and not enough content. But it doesn’t matter – everything that is there is fully functional and ready to use!

IN fashion War (Morningstar War) 4 types of transport await you for MKPE and one weapon.

Hammer |  Mod War

Hummer in motion |  Mod War


  • Has a sophisticated animation of movement in the game;
  • Designed for four players.

BTR-80 |  Maud War

BTR-80 in motion |  Mod War


  • Can be used in water;
  • Designed for nine in MCPE;
  • Has cool animation.

Truck |  Mod War

Truck in motion |  Mod War

Transport truck M939:

  • Twelve players can safely sit in the back;
  • Like the previous transport – with cool animation.

Special forces boat |  Mod War

Boat sailing |  Mod War

Marine special forces boat:

Sniper Rifle |  Mod War

And if you suddenly want to shoot in the game, we recommend the M24 telescopic rifle. 5 rounds in the store, there is an animation of aiming and reloading. Have a good game!

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