Mod Various Cars | JDM Legacy Car for Minecraft

Many of the cars mod Various cars (JDM Legacy Car) will be familiar to you in Minecraft Bedrock Edition from the popular racing game Gran Turismo. At least this applies to the tuned Sileighty and the RX-7 in the back of the FC.

So, 10 cars in the Various cars mod (JDM Legacy Car). Take your pick!

Nissan Nismo |  Mod Various cars

Nissan GTR Nismo.

  • 2 liveries;
  • The black;
  • Silver.

Nissan Silvia |  Mod Various cars

Nissan Sil80 (Sileighty).

  • 1 liver;
  • Blue;
  • The black;
  • White;
  • Red.

Mazda Old |  Mod Various cars

Mazda RX7-FC.

Mazda Gran Turismo |  Mod Various cars

Mazda RX7-FC (Gran Turismo livery).

Mazda FD |  Mod Various cars

Mazda RX7-FD.

  • 1 liver;
  • The black;
  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • White.

Toyota AE86 |  Mod Various cars

Toyota Corolla Levin (AE86).

  • 1 liver;
  • White;
  • Red.

Toyota Supra |  Mod Various cars

Toyota Supra (A80).

  • The black;
  • White;
  • Red.

Toyota MP 2 |  Mod Various cars

Toyota MR2 AW11.

  • Turquoise;
  • The black;
  • White;
  • Grey.

Toyota MR 2 tuning |  Mod Various cars

Toyota MR2 AW11 (Tunned).

Honda first generation |  Mod Various cars

Honda NSX 1st Gen.

  • 1 liver;
  • The black;
  • White;
  • Grey;
  • Red.

Each car can be painted in Minecraft Pocket Edition using a special object called paintmatic. Painting does not work on all cars, but only on those where one or another color is available – according to the principle, like dyeing sheep in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Auto painting |  Mod Various cars

Run mod follows in creative play mode. You can get cars with spawn eggs, or using MCPE one of the commands (or maybe all):

  • /summon jdml:r32nismo;
  • /summon jdml:nsx;
  • /summon jdml:mr2mod;
  • /summon jdml:sil80;
  • /summon jdml:mr2;
  • /summon jdml:rx7fc;
  • /summon jdml:sa80;
  • /summon jdml:rx7fcmod;
  • /summon jdml:ae86;
  • /summon jdml:rx7fd.

Have a good game!

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