Mod Various animals for Minecraft on Android

Fur seal
This creature will spawn in cold biomes and spawn near bodies of water. Spends most of the time on frozen ground or ice, use algae or kelp for taming and reproduction.

This is an amazing creature that will appear in the swamps, the snail can be tamed and raised using mushrooms. Use wheat, mushrooms and algae for treatment.

These creatures will inhabit all forests except snowy biomes and are the only aggressive creatures from this modification. They will not be the first to attack, but if you get too close to them, then be ready to attack.

These animals can only be found in the savannah biome, these creatures do not have to be tamed and can be ridden without a saddle.

These furry animals will inhabit all forests, except for hilly and snowy biomes. This animal will avoid the player, and use cookies or melons for taming and breeding.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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