Mod Values ​​instead of eggs | Minecraft, but Eggs drop OP Items for Minecraft

You can start collecting wheat in Bedrock Edishn Minecraft in order to lure the chicken. Value modification instead of eggs (Minecraft, butEggsdropONItems) speaks for itself – you can get a variety of useful items, as well as blocks from chickens.

Functions mod Minecraft, but Eggs drop OP Items

Values ​​from chickens |  Mod Values ​​instead of eggs

In addition to interesting items in Minecraft, chickens will also lay ordinary eggs, you don’t have to worry – you can still bake the cakes. Total, mod will allow you to get more than 25 varieties of all kinds of items:

  • potions in MCBE;
  • blocks;
  • seedlings and seeds;
  • weapons;
  • workbenches;
  • enchanted books;
  • elytra and fireworks;
  • nether.

Coop |  Mod Values ​​instead of eggs

Valuables instead of eggs (Minecraft, but Eggs drop OP Items) can greatly facilitate survival in Minecraft PE… Have a good game!

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