Mod Useful robots for Minecraft on Android

Robot container
This mechanism is a self-propelled container, snow-covered with a protection system, which lends itself well to taming and has a small roomy chest. He has a flamethrower in his arsenal that will help him protect you and your cargo.

How to tame?
For taming, use iron ingots, if this robot gets damaged, you can restore them using the same iron ingots.

This is a unique form of transport that bears some resemblance to a motorcycle, only for movement it uses not gasoline and wheels, but anti-gravity technology. There are two types of this transport in fashion, one is made in a sporty style, and the second has a simpler design.

A rather aggressive robot that will appear throughout the game world in grappa from 2 to 10 units. This robot will attack you and anyone who gets close to it, so be careful.

Freight containers
These are supply containers that are dropped from orbit, but be careful some of them may contain scrapoids.

How do I spawn containers?
In this version of the modification, containers do not appear naturally and in order to spawn them, you need a special mechanism of which you can get using the / function cargo command After it appears, just activate all the levers, you can see more detailed instructions in the video.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, activate all the functions of the experimental game mode in the world settings.
Installation instructions for the mod!

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