Mod Treasures | Treasure + for Minecraft

FROM mod Treasure (Treasure +) every now and then you will come across useful things in Minecraft BE. Especially if you’re careful. Become a real Indiana Jones in a cubic universe!

What the Treasure + mod gives

Vase |  Mod Treasure

The Treasure + modification adds to Minecraft Bedrock Edition a bunch of containers. After breaking them, you can find a variety of objects and blocks – from the ground to diamonds and emeralds.

Bag |  Mod Treasure

These are the containers that will appear in MCPE:

  • antique vase;
  • old chest;
  • grave cross;
  • headstone;
  • barrels;
  • lost swords;
  • backpacks;
  • miners’ bags;
  • bags;
  • collars;
  • Nether chests and pots;
  • halloween baskets;
  • halloween bags.

Barrel |  Mod Treasure

In future updates, the author fashion wants to add to MKPE even more containers. But why, so a lot, isn’t it? Anyway, enjoy the game!

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