Mod Transformation from DG | DG Morph for Minecraft


FROM mod Transformation from DG (DG Morph) you do not have to dance dances with a tambourine and reinvent the wheel in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The author of the mod, unlike many similar ones, implemented his own way of transformations – through crafting.

How the DG Morph mod works

Crafting morph into zombies |  Mod Transformation from DG

To modification Conversion from DG (DG Morph) worked correctly, you don’t even need to include in Minecraft experimental settings. It is enough to acquire the following materials for crafting in the screenshots MCBEto start your transformation.

Turning into mobs |  Mod Transformation from DG

List of mobs |  Mod Transformation from DG

Conversion Recipes |  Mod Transformation from DG

Mobs to transform |  Mod Transformation from DG

Keep in mind that initially you should craft an item that will allow you to transform back into a player. In the future, the author of the mod Transformation from DG (DG Morph) implements in MCPE more transformations.

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