Mod Too Many Mobs | Too Many Mobs for Minecraft

Do you want to make your survival in Minecraft more difficult? It couldn’t be easier! Download mod Too Many Mobs and arm yourself well – you will have many battles.

Many ghasts |  Mod Too many mobs

Many endermen |  Mod Too many mobs

Now the number of mobs in Minecraft for Android, will increase, on average, as much as four times. Cool, isn’t it? We are sure that now weapons on workbenches will be crafted in MKPE much more often. To wear out, by the way, too. But it’s worth it.

Many zombies and cadavers |  Mod Too many mobs

Monsters will spawn in MCPE thickets and more. For example, zombies are eight, skeletons are four, and creepers are two. It will be really hard for you at night. It’s almost impossible to take a step without fighting monsters. fashion Too Many Mobs. Have a good game!

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