Mod Throwing torches | Throwable Torches for Minecraft

FROM mod Throwing torches (ThrowableTorches) you can not only effectively use lighting, but also protect your hero. You yourself know that in Minecraft BE, ridiculous deaths are quite common. No more wandering around in the dark looking for a torch wall!

Features of Throwable Torches mod

Note right away that Throwable Torches from fashion are not in Minecraft Bedrock Edition weapons. Though you try – it’s probably fun – to torch a zombie or a creeper. In total, the author made four recipes for creating such lighting “devices” in Minecraft.

Plain torch |  Mod Throwing torches


Redstone Torch |  Mod Throwing torches


Torch of Souls |  Mod Throwing torches

Shower torch.

Reverse Crafting |  Mod Throwing torches

also in Minecraft there is a reverse craft for obtaining a regular, non-throwing torch. Well, this is in case the sticky ones get bored with you. But if such a torch flies into Minecraft PE into a tile (half block) or some flower on the ground, it will destroy them. Have a good game!

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