Mod Thirst for Minecraft on Android

In order to replenish the supply of fluids in your body, you will have to create special jars of fluids. At the moment, you can quench your thirst with a jar of clean water, milk and honey. Each jar will have its own crafting recipe, which we’ll talk about below.

Purified water bottle

To get this drink, you must put a bottle of ordinary water in the oven, smokehouse or in the fire of souls. This drink will restore 5 thirst points at a time.

Bottle of milk

This drink can be created with 1 bucket of milk and three empty cans, this drink will restore you 3 points of thirst and remove all negative effects.

Bottle of pasteurized honey

This drink, like a bottle of water, can be made on a campfire, stove, smokehouse and shower campfire. When used, it will restore 4 points of thirst and remove some negative effects.

You should also know that being in the lower world will consume thirst points 3 times faster, so if you go to hell, store a large amount of liquid. By being near lava or standing on red sand, your fluid consumption will also increase. Arriving in the water almost completely stops the consumption of thirst points.

To work yes enable the following experimental mode functions

Installation instructions for the mod!

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