Mod The Slipperiest Ice | Slickest Ice Ever for Minecraft

In this fashion you will see in Minecraft Bedrock really Slickest Ice Ever! Just step on it and you can only be stopped by some obstacle, or another block.

How the Slickest Ice Ever mod works

In addition to those blocks with ice that are in Minecraft, the mod will add another one – Slickest Ice Ever. Any mob or player in Minecraft will roll for a very, very long time. Block of ice from fashion it’s better not to break your hands in Minecraft Bedrock Edition – you can get a little damage. In addition, falling on such a block from a small height, you break it, and the hero also takes half heart damage.

Crafting recipe |  Mod The Slipperiest Ice

To get a block in survival mode, follow this recipe. Well, or just enter the console command / give @s sirob: slippery_ice!

Have a good game!

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