Mod The player is always visible | ALWAYS SEEING for Minecraft

FROM mod Player is always visible (ALWAYS SEEING) mobs will always see you in Minecraft on Android at the same distance as always, but with some reservations. Naturally, this will add some changes to the gameplay.

Features of mod ALWAYS SEEING

Monsters at home |  Mod Player is always visible

Now, with the mod Player is always visible (ALWAYS SEEING), you will not hide from monsters in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… At the door of your house there will always be some kind of zombie, a cadaver, or a skeleton in the company of a winter fire waiting for the hero. But, the biggest problem in Minecraft creepers will be delivered to you with their explosions.

Zombies at the player's house |  Mod Player is always visible

Creepers will explode through blocks of walls – by default, by fashion set the value to 1 block. But the monsters, of course, will not be able to enter the house. Now the game is in Minecraft BE in survival mode will become much more difficult. Enjoy your passage!

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