Mod the Pianist-Villager | Piano Villager for Minecraft

Get your own musician! Piano Villager modification adds essentially a new profession to the villagers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Now music will always play in your main character’s house.

Functions of the Piano Villager mod

The pianist at the instrument |  Maud the Pianist Villager

In addition to the sonic aesthetics, the Piano Villager modification can also improve in Minecraft interior of your den. Are there many houses in Minecraftwho can boast of a real, working musical instrument?

Pianist Chair |  Maud the Pianist Villager

You can spawn a villager musician in two ways – through creative mode, or by entering the command / summon p: pianist.

After the pianist has appeared, use the notes on him to make him start playing. The mod adds about a dozen tunes. They can also be added through the creative inventory or crafted in Minecraft for Android.

Crafting melodies |  Maud the Pianist Villager

With this fashion a small bug may occur that is easy to fix in MCBE… Often the mob has the wrong direction of sight. Enter the command / function p in the console to center his gaze. Have a good game!

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