Mod the Huge Villager | The Big Friendly Villager for Minecraft

Brother for brother and all that! Huge villager (TheBigFriendlyVillager) from the eponymous fashion will become a reliable protector and loyal ally in Minecraft BE. By the way, this is exactly the one who settled near the village of Taigavill. A bit silly, but who doesn’t happen to?

The giant next to the house |  Mod Huge Villager

Now then the marauders in MKPE They will definitely regret that they decided to raid the village, because the Big Friendly Villager from this mod will not leave them even wet.

Giant back view |  Mod Huge Villager

Growth – almost like a tree.

And according to the characteristics of the giant in MCBE it turns out the following:

  • 100 HP “on board”;
  • Damage 20 units;
  • Spawns only in the taiga;
  • Will attack monsters or marauders.

Riding a giant |  Mod Huge Villager

Alternatively, you can tame it in Minecraft using watermelons, a bottle of honey or sweet berries.

After that, you can even go for a ride, if you’re not afraid. By the way, until you have tamed it, it is better not to climb it – it hurts to fall.

Protects the forest from marauders |  Mod Huge Villager

To work properly fashion experimental features should be enabled in the game. Have a good game!

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