Mod Terraria in Bedrok | TerrariaCraft for Minecraft

This mod, Terraria in Bedrock (TerrariaCraft), is a ported version from Java Edition to Minecraft Bedrock. He adds a huge number of blocks from the equally popular “neighboring” sandbox to the familiar world of blocks.

Features of the TerrariaCraft mod

Biome from Terraria |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Slugs |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Eyes of Cthulhu |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Rabbit |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Even though the TerrariaCraft mod is still crude, it is already contributing to Minecraft Bedrock a huge number of innovations. Perhaps right now the author is working to improve it. So we are waiting for a lot of updates.


  • several slugs;
  • the eyes of Cthulhu;
  • hares.

Items in MKPE:

  • brass tools and weapons;
  • iron items and weapons (in addition to vanilla);
  • many types of wood;
  • gel and lenses;
  • varieties of mushrooms;
  • crystals.

Glade with mushrooms |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Terraria style caves |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

Underground |  Mod Terraria in Bedrock

In addition, the mod will also add to Minecraft Pocket Edition almost two dozen new blocks!

Since this is a beta version fashion, we install at our own peril and risk, some unpleasant moments are possible (or maybe not):

  • incorrect placement of Terraria items in Bedrock (TerrariaCraft) in creative mode MCPE;
  • sometimes slugs don’t want to jump;
  • too frequent music changes;
  • sometimes you have to re-enable the mod in the settings.

Have a good game!

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