Mod Sword Teleportation | Blade of Teleportation for Minecraft

FROM sword teleportation mode (BladeofTeleportation) you will solve several problems in Minecraft on Android at once – movement, and also get a weapon that surpasses the sword from nether in terms of attack power.

Character with sword in hand |  Mod Sword of Teleportation

Get a weapon fashion The Blade of Teleportation will not be easy in Minecraft… Unless, of course, you do not use the creative inventory in order to snatch it at the initial stages of the game. In any case, the use of such weapons in MCPE extremely beneficial. Firstly, it has tremendous damage, and secondly, it allows you to teleport like an enderman.

Kraft teleport sword  Mod Sword Teleportation

The very thing will get it in Minecraft after you defeat all the bosses in the game, well, except for the dragon, of course. Equip yourself with Netherite Weapons and Ender Eyes and Pearls. The sword will allow you to move forward seven blocks. As you jump, you will observe particles that are usually sprinkled by endermen. Don’t forget the experimental features!

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