Mod Swamp Monsters | Swamp Monster for Minecraft

Swamps Minecraft not the most pleasant places, but at the same time there are practically no hostile mobs. Modification Swamp Monsters adds a new creature to witches and slime – a swamp monster!Loot Monster |  Mod Swamp Monsters

If you die near him, then he will take your valuable items. But by killing him, you will return all your belongings and receive additional ones as compensation.Killed Sheep |  Mod Swamp Monsters

The swamp monster is a hostile mob, it attacks players, iron golems and villagers.Monster in the rain |  Mod Swamp Monsters

Lightning strike at a monster |  Mod Swamp Monsters

If lightning strikes a swamp monster, it will grow and become stronger. A simple monster has 200 health and 12 attack damage. An individual that has undergone a mutation has 250 health and 15 attack damage.

The swamp monster leaves the heart of the sea as a drop. The chance to get a drop is 100%.Two monsters in the swamp |  Mod Swamp Monsters

Two monsters in the dark |  Mod Swamp Monsters

This mob is not afraid of the daytime, so it spawns calmly in swamp biomes Minecraft Bedrock both night and day. To make it easier for players to spot him in the dark, his eye has glowing textures. He also emits an incomparable growl.

What’s New in Swamp Monster Fashion

Block throw |  Mod Swamp Monsters

Author fashion added some interesting features for mobs. Now they can pull out a block of earth from the surface, and throw themselves at the character – they will not kill the first time, but HP will spoil it remarkably.

Eye laser |  Mod Swamp Monsters

But their mutated “brothers” can shoot a beam from their eyes. If you are not wearing any armor, then the hero is guaranteed to receive a one-shot. Have a good game!

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