Mod Stone Graves | StoneTombs for Minecraft


In the open spaces of Minecraft Bedrock Edishn there is a huge number of modsthat allow the player to almost legally take their belongings in the event of the death of his character. Stone graves (StoneTombs) is one of those.

Features of the mod StoneTombs

Character's grave |  Mod Stone Graves

Like anyone fashion, StoneTombs has its own nuances. Most mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition do not allow the player to pick up things in some cases, for example, if burned in lava. This mod erases this border – so now frying is not a problem at all.

Grave among lava |  Mod Stone Graves

Open the character’s grave in Minecraft can only be the player whose character died. Moreover, only in his MCBE coordinates will be seen where Steve’s mortal body rests, well, or whoever it is.

Death coordinates |  Mod Stone Graves

Other players will not be able to see them. Have a good game!

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