Mod Stone Cutter | Chisel for Minecraft

If you love building in Minecraft PE, then without fashion Kamnerez (Chisel) you definitely can’t do it. But if you download it, then in the game you can get an incredible number of types of blocks, from which you can build anything!

Functions of the Chisel mod

The total number of blocks that will be added with the Chisel mod will amaze you in Minecraft Bedrock… It exceeds 1000 pieces! Now the main thing for you and me is not to get confused in Minecraft PE.


Wood blocks |  Mod Stonecutter


Concrete blocks |  Mod Stonecutter


Cobblestone Blocks |  Mod Stonecutter

Diorite, andesite and granite block.

Andesite Blocks |  Mod Stonecutter

Brick blocks.

Bricks |  Mod Stonecutter

End Stones.

End Stones |  Mod Stonecutter

Prismarine block.

Prismarin |  Mod Stonecutter

Glowstone block.

Glowing Stone |  Mod Stonecutter


Obsidian |  Mod Kamnerez

Magmatic blocks.

Magma Blocks |  Mod Stonecutter

Ice and quartz block.

Quartz and Ice |  Mod Stonecutter


Coal |  Mod Stonecutter


Earth |  Mod Stonecutter

Gold and iron block.

Gold and Iron |  Mod Stonecutter


Precious Stones |  Mod Stonecutter


Redstone |  Mod Kamnerez


Honey Blocks |  Mod Stonecutter


Terracotta |  Mod Kamnerez


Sandstone |  Mod Stonecutter

Sandstone with hieroglyphs |  Mod Stonecutter

Bricks of the Nether.

Infernal Brick |  Mod Stonecutter

Underworld wood.

Distorted Wood |  Mod Stonecutter


Basalt |  Mod Kamnerez


Marble |  Maud Kamnerez

Factory blocks.

Factory |  Mod Stonecutter

Laboratory blocks.

Laboratory |  Mod Stonecutter

Paper blocks.

Paper |  Mod Stonecutter

All recipes for crafting blocks are present in Minecraft for Android at the workbench. Alternatively, you can get any of fashion with the help of creative inventory. Have a good game!

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