Mod Steel | Steel for Minecraft

One way or another, every Minecraft player Bedrock Edishn comes to such a moment when there are so many iron ingots that there is simply nowhere to put them. And besides, I want to get better equipment. With this fashion you will be able to create Steel, universal alloy.

Mod settings |  Mod Steel

To mod worked correctly in MKPE, be sure to enable experimental gameplay features.

Well, now let’s see how to create Steel. First, a carbon alloy is created.

Carbonized Ingot |  Mod Steel

Then put it in the oven and get in MCPE steel ingot.

Steel Ingot |  Mod Steel

A variety of items can be obtained from a steel ingot:

  • Steel stick;
  • Block;
  • Steel nuggets (recipe works and vice versa).

Steel objects |  Mod Steel

Weapons, armor (all) and tools in Minecraftas well as apples.

Weapons & Armor |  Mod Steel

Apples from steel |  Mod Steel

But if you don’t want to mess around with loot, enter / give @s sp1: name into the console to get items. Have a good game!

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