Mod Steel | Steel for Minecraft

One way or another, every Minecraft player Bedrock Edishn comes to such a moment when there are so many iron ingots that there is simply nowhere to put them. And besides, I want to get better equipment. With this fashion you will be able to create Steel, universal alloy.

To mod worked correctly in MKPE, be sure to enable experimental gameplay features.

Well, now let’s see how to create Steel. First, a carbon alloy is created.

Carbonized Ingot |  Mod Steel

Then put it in the oven and get in MCPE steel ingot.

Steel Ingot |  Mod Steel

A variety of items can be obtained from a steel ingot:

  • Steel stick;
  • Block;
  • Steel nuggets (recipe works and vice versa).

Steel objects |  Mod Steel

Weapons, armor (all) and tools in Minecraftas well as apples.

Weapons & Armor |  Mod Steel

Apples from steel |  Mod Steel

But if you don’t want to mess around with loot, enter / give @s sp1: name into the console to get items. Have a good game!

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