Mod Space Update | Space Update for Minecraft

Countdown, then start – and here you are on another space body in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. True, it is still quite modest in size. However, the Space Update modifications great potential and updates are just around the corner.

Portal - red flower |  Mod Space Update

To get to the moon with fashion Space Update, you just need to use this portal in MKPE – red flower.

Lunar surface |  Mod Space Update

And here, in fact, and “Moon”.

Diamonds on the moon |  Mod Space Update

You will find many diamonds on the surface of the satellite.

Moonlight Cave |  Mod Space Update

This is a lair of monsters – spiders and skeletons live in it.

Skeletons and Spiders |  Mod Space Update

Spiders apparently lived here for millions of years, and when the cosmonauts came here, they ate them. Astronauts have risen from the dead, and we see in MCBE what we see.

Tree |  Mod Space Update

And this is another strange structure for this landscape – a tree.

Rocket on the moon |  Mod Space Update

Yellow portal |  Mod Space Update

After you collect in Minecraft BE everything you need, you can bring home. To do this, use the yellow flower in the rocket.

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