Mod Space | Space.PE – Cosmic for Minecraft

FROM fashion Space (Space.PE – Cosmic) in Minecraft on Android, space tourism will flourish. And you have a free round-trip ticket. So get ready to face the unknown, interesting and dangerous.

Functions of the Space.PE mod – Cosmic

Aluminum craft |  Mod Space

Mod adds a new alloy for the game – aluminum. You will need it for most crafting.

Spacesuit crafting |  Mod Space

So, before you go to conquer the Cosmos (Space.PE – Cosmic), you need to create in Minecraft Pocket Edition spacesuit.

Crafting rockets |  Mod Space

Of course, you and I will need a canon transport – a rocket. Fuel will be consumed to move. At the moment in MCPE implemented two types.

Moon |  Maud Space

Well, now let’s visit the cosmic bodies. Moon:

  • the territory is slightly smaller than the others;
  • consists of several options for blocks, including cheese (respect to the author);
  • from the second type of blocks you can craft weapons and tools.

Mars |  Maud Space

Next comes Mars:

  • slightly larger in area;
  • the boss will spawn on the planet;
  • you can get a lot of valuable loot from the boss.

Venus  Mod Cosmos

We fly to Venus:

  • the largest of the planets presented;
  • the surface is full of volcanoes;
  • here the boss is waiting for you – a huge skeleton.

Mercury |  Maud Space

Closest to the Sun – Mercury:

  • the planet is inhabited by spiders;
  • there are many mountains;
  • impressive weapons can be found.

Staffs  Mod Cosmos

By the way, weapons! Mod adds to Minecraft Bedrock Edition several types of staves:

  • from sapphires;
  • of rubies;
  • the planets of Venus;
  • topaz;
  • meteorite.

Have a good game!

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