Mod Single Sided Glass | One Way Glass for Minecraft

Blocks of ordinary glass in Minecraft for Android do not surprise absolutely anyone. But with mod One Way Glass you can probably do it. It is quite possible that you will even cause cognitive dissonance in the potential viewer.

Functions of the mod One Way Glass

Some blocks |  Mod Single Sided Glass

Block in fashion One Way Glass is almost entirely a block of glass in Minecraft Bedrock… However, it has a colossal difference – one of the sides of the block from the mod is created from a different material.

All blocks |  Mod Single Sided Glass

At the moment the author fashion One Way Glass provided 16 such units:

  • tropical tree in MCBE;
  • oak;
  • dark oak;
  • Pine;
  • granite;
  • bricks;
  • Birch;
  • sand;
  • a rock;
  • land;
  • cobblestone;
  • distorted wood;
  • crimson wood;
  • red sand;
  • from a hellish stone;
  • andesite.

Craft |  Mod Single Sided Glass

Craft such a block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as easy as pie:

And to make others, change the block of boards to any one from the list.

What’s new in fashion One Way Glass

The author added even more blocks to create a block.

New Blocks |  Mod Single Sided Glass

In addition, a new glass block can now be crafted using ingots and ore:

  • quartz;
  • coal;
  • nether;
  • redstone;
  • iron;
  • emeralds;
  • gold;
  • diamonds.

Compatibility with other add-ons has been improved.

For creation to work in MKPE right, be sure to include the experimental features of the game. Enjoy your construction!

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