Mod Simple Plane | Simple Airplane for Minecraft

When creative mode and cheats are not used, the speed of movement in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn plays a significant role. FROM mod Simple Airplane you should be able to solve this little problem.

Airplane flight |  Mod Simple Plane

Simple Airplane of fashion for Minecraft really simple. This applies not only to his model and textures, as well as control that even a kindergartner can handle. On PC, right click to fly. And on touch devices, click on the “fly” icon that appears when you approach it. Thanks to the good animation, the flight will bring you Minecraft Pocket Edition a lot of fun.

Roll animation |  Mod Simple Plane

Now there is one small moment – how to get it. You can craft a spawn egg.

Spawn Egg |  Mod Simple Plane

Or enter a console command on the egg in MCBE – / give @sc: simpleairplane_spawn_egg. You can also add / summon c: simpleairplane, and the plane will be added immediately. Soft landing!

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