Mod Shadow Hunt | Shadow’s Manhunt for Minecraft

Modification Shadow Hunt (Shadow’s Manhunt), this is a great addition to the usual survival mode in Minecraft BE. From the very start of a joint game, you can divide into teams. And then how it goes.

Features of the Shadow’s Manhunt mod

Start of the game |  Mod Shadow Hunt

After installing the Shadow’s Manhunt mod, players in MKPE are divided into two opposing camps – survivors and hunters. The survivors are somewhat more difficult to play, since they only have one life, and in order to win, they need to kill the Ender Dragon. With hunters, everything is easier – an infinite number of lives.

To win, you need to eliminate opponents in Minecraft… Survivors will have an advantage of 10 minutes – during this time they will be invulnerable to hunters. Now let’s figure out how to activate modification:

  • you need two command blocks with the prescription of commands for hunters and survivors – function hunters and function speedrunner, respectively;
  • we put on repetition and constant activity;
  • to join one of the teams, use one of the commands – / tag @s add speedrunner, as well as / tag @s add hunter;
  • to enable survivor benefit, enter / function graceperiod.

IN Minecraft Bedrock Edition you can also view the modification instructions. Use the console command / function manhunt. And to start the battle, enter / function start. Have a good game!

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