Mod Seasonal bosses | DLGD – Infinity Challenge for Minecraft

If you prefer the PvE format to battles with live players in Minecraft on Android, then perhaps mod entitled Seasonal Bosses (DLGD – Infinity Challenge) will be a real find for you. Normal difficulty should be fine, but if you are a really hardcore player, increase it.

Functions of DLGD mod – Infinity Challenge

Spring Dryad |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Now let’s move on to the bosses in Minecraft BE… The first, or even the first of them, is the Spring Dryad:

  • knows how to summon allies;
  • uses powerful projectiles in attacks.

Summer Dryad |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Summer Dryad:

  • moves quickly;
  • uses sword and dagger in attack.

Autumn Dryad |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Autumn Dryad:

  • owns fire magic;
  • calls on confederates for help.

Time Traveler |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Time Traveler:

  • has extremely fast attacks;
  • can stop time (do not let her run up to the clock).

Tian |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Tian Ûélu:

  • don’t be fooled by her pretty face in MKPE;
  • the rocks she controls can explode.

Winter Dryad |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Winter Dryad:

  • ice magic;
  • instead of a sword, he has a small tree (beats, by the way, even more abruptly).

Nightmare |  Mod Seasonal bosses

Nightmare of the night:

  • attacks with deadly magic;
  • non-standard tactics – the boss gradually loses HP (it is enough to dodge and not get hit).

Each of the bosses in Minecraft Pocket Edition unique – has its own attacks, models, textures and particles. In addition, each of them has a unique health bar.

Update 1.7.5

IN modifications three more new bosses have appeared. Errors and bugs have been fixed.

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