Mod Scorched | The Ignited for Minecraft

After installation fashion Scorched, you will get new locations, mobs, items and more! This is a fairly extensive creation for Minecraft Bedrock Edishn, capable of transforming the cubic world.

What the Ignited mod will add

Once in the scorched lands in Minecraft for Android, get ready to meet eerie and depressing creatures. And no, this is not about Dementors.

Crisps |  Mod Scorched

Crisps are burned zombies that, when killed, can explode like creepers. They are not afraid of lava, but water can turn them to ash. Drop – ash, black eye and burnt carrion.

Mole |  Mod Scorched

The moth is a little nicer, it is such a lonely insect that has chosen this land as its home. They are neutral and drop wings.

Head-jaw |  Mod Scorched

Head-Jaws is an incredibly fast creature that you can escape from Minecraft Bedrock Edition impossible. He will catch up with anyone, so don’t try. Teeth and ribs can be obtained from them.

Wanderers |  Mod Scorched

Wanderers can please with loot, they drop iron and steel ingots, as well as joker boxes with some luck. Do not rush to kill them, in the Scorched mod, they are traders, and friendly.

New items:

  • ash;
  • dead moth;
  • rowan and rowan seeds;
  • tooth;
  • black eye;
  • wing;
  • burnt flesh;
  • hafnium ingot and nugget;
  • hafnium sword;
  • destroyed bark;
  • key;
  • edge;
  • gray mushroom.

Blasted Plains |  Mod Scorched

New biome – Scorched Plains. Here you will find nothing but stones and burnt trees.

Scorched Forests |  Mod Scorched

You can also walk through the scorched forests in Minecraft for tabletto collect new crafting blocks. Download mod The Ignited is available for free at the link below. Enjoy a sophisticated gray world!

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