Mod Science – DNA DNA – Science for Minecraft

For crafting spawn eggs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are many suitable mods, and DNA – Science one of those. With its help, you will be able to breed even the rarest creatures.

All syringes |  Mod Science - DNA

Now there is no need to get into creative mode Minecraft BEto get the right egg out of there, because mod will allow you to craft it. However, this can be done with the DNA – Science mod on one condition – the mob does not need to be killed. First, create an empty syringe.

Syringe craft |  Mod Science - DNA

Then walk up to the mob in Minecraftto take blood from him. To do this, click the interaction button. After this simple operation, combine the syringe with blood and a chicken egg.

Kraft eggs slept  Mod Science - DNA

Voila! The spawn egg is ready! But then use it at your own discretion in MCBE… Have a good game!

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