Mod Sapphire Gear | Sapphire Gear for Minecraft

FROM mod Sapphire Gear you will again become interested in playing Minecraft Pocket Edition if the game has already bored you. Get ready to look for new gems, from which you can create a lot of useful things.

Functions of the Sapphire Gear mod

Stone appearance |  Mod Sapphire Gear

Sapphire Armor |  Mod Sapphire Gear

Sapphire Gear from modifications will add about a dozen new items to Minecraft for Android… This includes:

  • weapons;
  • instruments;
  • armor.

Ore Generation |  Mod Sapphire Gear

To find sapphires in Minecraft, you need to climb high in the mountains. Somewhere on the level 90-100, something like this. To get the gem, you don’t need a pickaxe yet – you can do it manually.

Fashion items |  Mod Sapphire Gear

All mod items can be obtained at the workbench in Minecraft BEand also add them through creative mode. By the way, now the tools have no durability, we are waiting for the mod update.

Lack of strength |  Mod Sapphire Gear

Unlike diamonds, sapphires are much more common. According to the characteristics, objects, of course, will be slightly worse. Crafts, however, are no different from vanilla ones.

Crafting Armor |  Mod Sapphire Gear

On items made of sapphires in Minecraft Bedrock Edition several cool enchantments can work.

Enchantments |  Mod Sapphire Gear

Be sure to enable experimental settings on map… Have a good game!

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