Mod Rule of Dragons | Reign of Dragons for Minecraft

FROM Modification of the Rule of Dragons (ReignofDragons) you will definitely not get bored. She not only adds these huge and dangerous creatures to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but also many new items that you can create at the workbench.

Fire Dragons |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Dragons in the Reign of Dragons mod are divided into two types. The first, fiery, consists of four variations textures:

  • Red;
  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Grey.

These dragons naturally use fire in MCPE during their attacks.

Ice Dragons |  Mod Reign of Dragons

The second option, ice, of course, uses ice when attacking, and there are:

  • Blue;
  • White;
  • Turquoise;
  • Light gray.

All of them will spawn in the Upper World. You can get yourself such a pet. However, first you have to get his egg in Minecraft on the phone… To get a cub, send it to ice, or to fire – depending on what type of the defeated dragon belonged to.

Fire Egg |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Egg in ice block |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Creatures can be fed with raw meat, small lizards will sit on your shoulder. But in the tenth stage of growth, you can fly them by installing a saddle.

Fiery dragon with a saddle |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Ice dragon with a saddle |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Mod will also add several structures – nests of fire and ice dragons. It is in them that you can find the egg.

Fire Dragon Nest |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Ice Dragon Nest |  Mod Reign of Dragons

In the last stage of growth, the dragon gets the opportunity to attack with ice or fire. To do this, use an item called “Drakaris” (how symbolic!).

Drakaris |  Mod Reign of Dragons

After killing, dragons will drop in Minecraft Pocket Edition scales.

Dragon Scales |  Mod Reign of Dragons

From it, you can create 8 sets of armor. Certain armor requires certain scales – be guided by the color.

Dragon Armor |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Another type of ore will appear in the ore generations – Valyrian steel. It can also be used to make a set of armor.

Valyrian Steel |  Mod Reign of Dragons

But the arsenal of weapons will be replenished thanks to the fashion for another 7 types of axes. They are crafted from the same materials as swords.

Axes |  Mod Reign of Dragons

Update 1.1

The author of the mod eliminated some of the errors of his creation, which improved the stability of the game. The textures of the dragons have been fixed, and the behavior of winged creatures has also been improved. Everything in the new version! Have a good game!

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