Mod Replica Warden | Warden Replicas for Minecraft

If you think you go down to the caves with fashion Replica Warden (Warden Replicas) will be safe, then you are wrong. Below you will find a creepy mob that will try in every possible way to interfere with the extraction of valuable ore. Naturally, he will want to kill your hero.

Mob appearance |  Mod Replica Warden

To find the monster from the Warden Replicas mod, you will have to go down to Minecraft PE deep enough. Approximately at block level 38. No matter how well you are armed and protected, the monster will only need a couple of hits to send the hero to dinner with the angels.

Jailer |  Mod Replica Warden

It is possible that at release the monster’s characteristics will be in Minecraft BE somewhat different. A distinctive feature of the creature is blindness. Although the mob does not see, he hears you perfectly, even as you open the chest. Fortunately, he spawns in MCBE quite rare, and in the darkest corners of the caves.

Monster in the cave |  Mod Replica Warden

To mod worked correctly, be sure to activate in the game experimental gameplay features. Enjoy your passage!

Experimental Gameplay |  Mod Replica Warden

Experimental Features |  Mod Replica Warden

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