Mod Redbull | Red Bull for Minecraft

As you know, this drink fiercely and wildly invigorates. So it is in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. After your hero sips this life-giving drink from Redbull fashion, he will not want to sleep.

Redbull in hand |  Mod Redbull

Despite the fact that in real life, excessive use of energy drinks has a detrimental effect on health, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with this complete order. After Red Bull inspires you (literally), your hero is not afraid of phantoms.

Levitation Effect |  Mod Redbull

In addition, the character will be able to fly for 45 seconds.

Landing effect |  Mod Redbull

But about a safe landing in Minecraft PE you don’t have to worry – it is available 10 seconds after the drink is consumed.

Kraft redbulla |  Redbull mode

To craft an energy drink from modifications, you do not need to study chemistry, and also look for all kinds of chemicals. Just combine in MKPE a few pieces of iron and apples and you’re done. Have a good game!

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