Mod Protective Mechanisms | Defensive Machines Updated for Minecraft

If looters appeared near the village in Minecraft PE, then our advice to you is to use mod Defensive Machines Updated, and patrolling the surrounding areas will lose all meaning! Not a single bastard will break into the village!

Functions of the Defensive Machines Updated mod

Fireworks |  Mod Defense Mechanisms

Total modification Defensive Machines Updated will add four defenses for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Cannon |  Mod Defense Mechanisms

A cannon.

Mortar |  Mod Defense Mechanisms


Air defense |  Mod Defense Mechanisms

Similar air defense.

Bomb |  Mod Defense Mechanisms


All fixtures in Minecraft have priority on attacks on the most dangerous opponents. Secondly, they will deal with weaker monsters, like all kinds of zombies. Bees and ghasts will also get it. To get items, go to Minecraft to your creative inventory or enter the commands:

  • /give @s def:cannon – пушка;
  • / give @s def: mortar – mortar (aka mortar);
  • / give @s def: bomb – for a bomb;
  • / give @s def: air_cracker – to get air defense.

Have a good game!

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