Mod Pirate Sans | Pirate Sans for Minecraft

For those who did not know – Sans is one of the popular characters in the Undertale game, who magically ended up in Minecraft PE, and even in a pirate guise. Naturally, thanks to fashion Pirate Sanswhich you can freely download and install.

Features of the Pirate Sans mod

Boss Image |  Mod Pirate Sans

Meeting the new boss in Minecraft for Android does not bode well, due to its imbibed characteristics. Where is the dragon! The mod character Pirate Sans is ten heads taller than a flying lizard in the Land.

Sans |  Mod Pirate Sans

The boss has several devastating attacks, among which they stand out:

  • bone strike – the main attack, the damage is often one-shot;
  • summon bone lurker – guaranteed attacks with one-shot;
  • shooting from a blaster – takes away instantly;
  • moving lurker – deals 100 damage and distracts.

Particles |  Mod Pirate Sans

Sans possesses in Minecraft BE an overwhelming amount of health in 100 thousand units. It moves, naturally, on its own ship – a bunch of effects like when launching fireworks on New Year’s.

Ship effects |  Mod Pirate Sans

On weak devices, the frame rate may drop during this spectacle.

Boss ship |  Mod Pirate Sans

If you’re ready for a fight, download mod, turn on experimental features and arm your hero!

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